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Tapers from a 1984 Dead Show - Just Like Us!Texas Tapers is a group dedicated to the recording, preservation, archiving and free distribution of live music from this great state of Texas.

This website was designed to be a common place for tapers to share their recordings and pictures with YOU the fans.  The members of Texas Tapers are linked not only by our geographic location but also by our common interest to attend live music events and capture the sounds for the band, ourselves, those who were at the event and those who just couldn't make it.  We are the ones who set up microphones in the middle of a crowded bar, a large amphitheater and we are the ones who are discretely in the shadows at a performance hall, school or church.   We are in it for the love of live music in all of its forms, styles and musical genres. 

While our group is a private group we are always on the look out for not only other tapers but also those that would love to explore the craft of live recording.   If you are a taper or have interest in becoming a taper please click on the Contact Us tab at top and send us a note.  Also if you are affiliated with a band or organization and would like your performance taped please drop us a note.

All recordings on this site, linked from this site or otherwise taped by members of this site are STRICTLY for personal use only.  NO monies should ever be exchanged.  If someone offers to sell you a recording please just say NO. 
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